A convivial British watering hole

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With the number of bars, cafés and restaurants in Pattaya running into the thousands, there is bound to be something to suit even the most discerning of tastes. A perennial favourite is the Pig & Whistle on Soi 7 off Beach Road. This quintessential British inn looks as though it has been plucked from the English countryside and dropped straight into the middle of Pattaya’s busiest bar precinct.

The décor at the Pig & Whistle is all dark wood and memorabilia from back home. There is a good selection of bottled and draught beers with the obligatory Guinness tap very much in evidence. The wholesome English fare served here has won legions of fans. The Thai food can be hit and miss, but then you wouldn’t normally try and order Thai specialities at a pub in the UK.

The menu has rotating daily specials with beef stews and fish and chips all making appearances. The grand finale of the specials is a gargantuan Sunday roast with beef or pork, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables served with thick gravy. The all-day breakfast features homemade bacon and sausages.

For those who like to be in the thick of things, the Pig & Whistle’s rooms are a great option. The rooms are spacious and boast en-suite bathrooms, cable television, safes and refrigerators. This 1Stop Pattaya pub guide gives a rundown of what to expect from a night out on the town.

Soaring above beautiful Pattaya Bay

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Activities for Pattaya visitors cover the whole gamut from lawn bowls to deep-sea scuba-diving. One activity that has caught on in the past few years is parasailing. The many thousands of visitors who have given parasailing a whirl say soaring above the magnificent natural setting of Pattaya Bay provides a cathartic sensation and is a definite holiday highlight.

Most parasailing odysseys in Pattaya begin at Bali Hai Pier. At the last count, there were five floating pontoons a short distance from the pier. Touts offer speedboats out to the platforms. Once at the platform, parasailers are strapped to their contraptions and then their speedboats tow them out to sea and the magical odyssey begins. The trips last an average of five minutes and once over the speedboat deposits the parasailer back at his or her departure pontoon.

The price of parasailing is currently pegged at 500 Baht. Companies such as Pattaya Sea Travel offer parasailing as an optional extra on excursions to Koh Larn or the other Near Islands for 300 Baht. Some boat operators on Pattaya Beach also offer parasailing tours from the same pontoons, but at varying prices which are sure to increase once the forthcoming high season arrives.

This 1Stop Pattaya webpage gives a rundown of the ample things to do when holidaying at Thailand’s favourite beach resort.

A culinary odyssey in one Pattaya eatery

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The Mantra Restaurant & Bar at Pattaya’s Amari Orchid Hotel takes patrons on a global culinary odyssey with delicious menu offerings featuring the best seafood and signature dishes from Thailand, Japan, China, India and the Mediterranean. Diners book their spots at sections of the Mantra such as the Sultan’s Table or the Hedonist Harlem. They then go and select their meal and it is served at their tables.

Menu items are too diverse to list in their entirety but specialities from around the world include sushi and sashimi platters, satay, Maine and rock lobster, surf’n’turf, lamb chops, penne, gnocchi, masala and tandoori, and terrine de foie gras. Even relative rarities in Thailand such as the French classics bouillabaise fish soup and braised rabbit leg garnished with mustard sauce can be tasted at the Mantra.

The Mantra’s delights are not just food as the glass wine-cellar has upwards of 160 labels from all over the world. Many of these are much sought after vintages. For those who enjoy cocktails, the selection of these at the Mantra is truly diverse. The restaurant is open every day between 17:00 and 01:00 and on Sundays, for brunch, between 11:00 and 15:00. Dress code is smart casual. This 1Stop Pattaya page provides a selection of our research team’s favourite eateries.

Visiting with the tigers at Sriracha

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Holidaymakers in Pattaya soon discover there is much more to the resort than just scintillating nightlife and entertainment. Within a few kilometres there are quite a few destinations to enjoy diverse adventure activities or take in an animal sanctuary. Elephant Village combines the chance of seeing these magnificent beasts and then riding one.

Other popular destinations for wildlife enthusiasts are Khao Kheow Open Zoo, the crocodile farm at Million Years Stone Park and Sriracha Tiger Zoo. The latter is about 30 minutes up Highway 7 from Pattaya and is home to more than 400 Bengal tigers. Shows featuring the star inmates never cease to enthral visitors. Other unique draws are the sight of tigers feeding piglets and the option of cuddling a tiger cub.

Youngsters always enjoy the ‘shoot the prey and feed the tigers’. Pigs also get the chance to prove they are not dumb animals with pig races and stunts. In the crocodile shows, the sight of the handlers putting their heads between the reptiles’ fangs is not for the squeamish. At the onsite international restaurant crocodile meat is on the menu, but not a big hit with Caucasians.

Half-day Sriracha Tiger Zoo tours with free shuttle service from most Pattaya area hotels can be reserved on the facility’s website. Our 1Stop Pattaya sightseeing guide has additional information pertaining to other attractions in the locality.

Serving your sentence at Alcatraz on Walking Street

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Walking Street is Pattaya’s world famous entertainment precinct and is a celebration of the resort’s scintillating nightlife. Beer-bars, clubs, discos, a-go-go dance pubs and live-music pubs line the one-kilometre-long street and the warren of sub-sois leading off it. Alcatraz AGoGo is a themed three-level establishment on the main drag between Soi 14 and Soi 15.

Prison and bondage permeate all of the floors of this perennially popular establishment. Hostesses dressed in fantasy outfits ensure patrons live their darkest fantasies. The latest audio-visual technology enhances the surreal quality of an evening at the Thai version of Alcatraz.

After entering the gaol doors, patrons find themselves in a pole-dancing bar where a bevy of beauties strut their stuff. Ascending to the mid-level a lap-dancing section and a cage of seductively dressed madams awaits. The upper floor has been converted into a comfortable lounge allowing intimate tete-a-tetes to take place.

A tiny outside bar offers a respite from the hedonistic delights inside. Alcatraz AGoGo opens every evening until late. Happy hours and beer promotions ensure a night out here won’t break the bank. Our 1Stop Pattaya nightlife section has more information about the varied delights on offer for party animals in the country’s favourite seaside resort.

The cream of Pattaya bachelor hotels

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When choosing a hotel or resort in Pattaya it is worth bearing in mind that not all permit unregistered guests to go up to rooms. Others are more accommodating, but charge fees around the 400 or 500 Baht mark for companions. Visitors wishing to enjoy Pattaya’s hedonistic delights with a bar hostess, boy or ladyboy (katoey) are better off booking accommodation suited to their needs where management are not really interested in who is in the room, as long as somebody is paying for it.

Our researchers have conducted in-depth research into which hotels have problems with overnight companions and which ones do not. The results are shown on our 1Stop Pattaya hotels for bachelors page. Two of the more popular ones are the Sunshine Garden and the Crown Pattaya.

The Sunshine Garden is an appropriately named establishment with a central swimming pool set amid lush vegetation. Comfortable rooms at this North Pattaya establishment are fitted with full facilities for the comfort of guests. The Crown is a contemporary structure on Beach Road’s Soi 1 with well-appointed accommodation and a policy of trying to satisfy guests’ every whim.

The Loma Resort is another reputable bachelor hotel at the north end of town where receptionists turn a blind eye to unregistered companions of guests. The TK Resort on Soi Phettrakun is one of several so-called love-inns which rent rooms by the hour. As with the TK, these options are mostly on the backstreets. Neon lights showing 24 hour resort indicate which hotels offer short-time.

Buying a holiday condo in Pattaya

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The eastern seaside resort of Pattaya is now home to a sizable community of expats. A warm climate, the fabulous attractions of this part of the Gulf of Thailand, wonderful nightlife and a choice of dining options from all corners of the planet are among reasons many of the foreign residents settle here.

Local real-estate developers have recognised that when people move to a new home they want to own their own property. Despite the fact that foreign buyers can only own 49 per cent of the available units in any condominium construction, there are more than enough to go round. Signs advertising condos for sale in Pattya and Jomtien with prices as low as 799,000 Baht are as common as trees in a jungle.

The cheaper units tend to be farther away from the centre of Pattaya. Higher-floor condos with sea-views are always more expensive. People responding to adverts for new condos should check that construction has started, or is about to start.

Estate agents such as Pattaya Realty Company, Siam Properties and Alan Bolton Property Consultants usually have an extensive property portfolio on their books at any given time. Using an estate agent takes the pain out of searching for a condo and getting caught out on a legal loophole.

Our 1Stop list of Pattaya estate agents is a useful resource for people exploring the possibility of buying a condo in the locality.

A superb Walking Street watering hole

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With several hundred bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues on Pattaya’s Walking Street and the sois leading off it deciding which one to go to can be difficult. Over the years the FLB Bar has consistently garnered positive reviews for its chilled ambience and no-hassle policy.

Despite the fact that its near neighbours are a-go-go bars and raucous discos, the FLB manages to shut out the din. Excellent air-conditioning also goes some way towards increasing personal comfort levels. The bevy of beautiful hostesses who work at the FLB are the real attraction for visitors. Again, unlike the neighbours, FLB hostesses are not pushy and only sit down and chat when invited.

Cold beers, a varied selection of spirits and shooters, and diverse music are among other compelling reasons to choose this watering hole for a night out. FLB parties are legendary and provide evenings not easily forgotten even with liberal quantities of beer or other mind-numbing beverages.

FLB Bar is on the right hand side of Walking Street, when entering from the Beach Road end, and diagonally opposite Soi Saensamran. FLB opens at 19:00 every day and closes in the wee hours. The 1Stop guide to Pattaya’s nightlife provides more information about Walking Street and its charms.

A night out in Boyztown

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Pattayaland Soi 3 runs up from Beach Road to Second Road and is at the heart of Pattaya’s oldest established gay district. In recent years the district known as Boyztown has spread into the nearby sois yet Soi 3 remains the soul of it all and home to its most risqué cabaret shows, clubs and bars. After dark a stroll down the neon illuminated street will reveal enticingly named clubs such as Funny Boyz and Boyz, Boyz, Boyz.

Funny Boys is a low-key venue with a relaxing atmosphere where the principal draw is the nightly stage shows. Cute guys strut their stuff from 20:30 onwards. The highlight of an evening is the sexy underwear session. Boyz, Boyz, Boyz offers shows featuring a pleasing mix of hot guys and katoeys (ladyboys) in extravagant outfits who keep the punters coming back night after night.

Many visitors head for Oscars before hitting the hotspots. Staff and hosts at this ambient bar welcome one and all with open arms. Ice-cold beers, an eclectic cocktail menu and filtered coffee ensure patrons linger before heading out. A few minutes away on Soi 1, the Cupidol Beer-Bar is another pleasant place to hang around and enjoy a chat or play pool with the boys.

This section of the 1Stop Pattaya guide offers more information about the gay-friendly areas and venues in the resort.

Deep-sea fishing cruises from Pattaya

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Pattaya is situated right at the heart of a pictorial natural environment which affords visitors the chance of partaking in a diverse range of activities that provide a break from non-stop partying. Going fishing is not the first thing holidaymakers in Pattaya think of but it has gained more than a few fans in recent times.

Deep-sea fishing trips out in the Gulf of Thailand are one of the options. At Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya Diving and Fishing is a reputable operator of fishing boat charters and cruises. A glance through the firm’s gallery of photographs will show that their claim they have netted all of Pattaya’s record-breaking catches might possibly be true.

The firm’s skippers and crews know the waters close to Pattaya well and are able to pinpoint the best spots for different species according to the weather conditions on a particular day. They say baiting hooks with live squid is sure to bring the fish running and it is then only a matter of enjoying the game of trying to haul them in.

Pattaya Diving and Fishing say people should tell them whether they want to angle for monsters or just for a bit of light entertainment. Barracudas, queen fish, groupers and cobia are better suited to the latter style of fishing while sailfish, stingrays and sharks offer a distinct challenge which only people with a good level of personal fitness can hope to match.

The 1Stop Pattaya guide to fishing has more information about enjoying this increasingly popular sport when on holiday here.

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